Airport Courtesy Car

For fly-in visitors of Mt. Hawley 3MY Airport

Airport Courtesy Car Policy

Visitors to Mt. Hawley 3MY Airport will have access to the airport courtesy car. Use of the car is limited to short trips in the Peoria area (20 mile radius from the center of town). The car will be provided free of charge. Users will need to provide proof of insurance and a license to drive. Liability for use of the car is assumed by the user. Overnight use of the car can be arranged in special circumstances.

Use of the Courtesy Car

The courtesy car can be utilized by any fly-in visitor of Mt. Hawley 3MY Airport, provided they:

  • Have a valid United States driver’s license
  • Have proof of current car insurance
  • Sign the Use of Airport Courtesy Car form which indemnifies the MAAP from all claims regarding their use of the courtesy car
  • Are over the age of 21

Use of the courtesy car is restricted by the following:

  • Only the individual providing driver’s license and insurance information is allowed to operate the car.
  • The car can only be used for a period of no longer than four (4) hours unless special arrangements have been made with the Airport.
  • The car can only be taken to areas within a 20-mile radius of the City of Peoria. This distance includes the hotels and establishments around the Peoria area.

While using the courtesy car, drivers are required to follow all applicable laws of the State of Illinois. In addition, they are required to observe the following:

  • Prohibited from the consumption of alcohol or any other chemical which may impair driving ability during the period in which he/she is possession of the courtesy car. May not operate the courtesy car while under the influence of alcohol or other chemical which may impair driving ability.
  • Agrees to refrain from the use of a cellular phone to talk, text message, or otherwise communicate while operating the courtesy car.

Reserving the Courtesy Car

No reservations will be accepted for use of the courtesy car. Use of the car will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Cost for use. There is no cost for use of the airport courtesy car.

Responsibility for moving violations, etc. Users are solely responsible for any legal action which may stem from their use of the courtesy car, including tickets, law suits or repair costs.

If a user of the courtesy car does not return the car as scheduled, airport staff will contact the Peoria Police Department. In cases where the courtesy car is returned damaged, airport staff, with the assistance of the City Attorneys office, will be responsible for filing a claim and arranging for repairing damage.

Download the Use of Airport Courtesy Car Form

Airport Courtesy Car Form