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United Airlines 4642Chicago10:00 AM10:00 AMOn-Time
Delta Air Lines 3422Detroit10:35 AM10:35 AMOn-Time
Delta Air Lines 3445Atlanta11:02 AM11:02 AMOn-Time
American Airlines 3006Chicago11:03 AM11:03 AM3On-Time
American Airlines 5431Charlotte12:16 PM12:16 PM3On-Time
Allegiant Air 436Las Vegas12:32 PM12:32 PMOn-Time
United Airlines 5368Chicago01:20 PM01:20 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 5984Dallas02:46 PM02:46 PM4On-Time
Delta Air Lines 4984Atlanta03:54 PM03:54 PMOn-Time
Allegiant Air 846Saint Petersburg04:03 PM04:03 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 2931Chicago05:42 PM05:42 PM3On-Time
United Airlines 5432Chicago06:31 PM06:31 PMOn-Time
Allegiant Air 104Mesa07:00 PM07:00 PMOn-Time
Delta Air Lines 4827Detroit08:52 PM08:52 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 3096Chicago09:12 PM09:12 PM3On-Time
American Airlines 5441Charlotte09:14 PM09:14 PM3On-Time
Delta Air Lines 3320Minneapolis09:52 PM09:52 PMOn-Time
United Airlines 5623Chicago10:05 PM10:05 PMOn-Time
Delta Air Lines 3463Atlanta10:12 PM10:12 PM08On-Time
American Airlines 5946Dallas10:42 PM10:42 PM4On-Time
Schedules Updated 2 minutes agoRead Terms of Use
United 3990Chicago05:40 AM05:40 AM5On-Time
Delta 3460Atlanta06:00 AM06:00 AM08On-Time
Delta 3293Minneapolis06:15 AM06:15 AMOn-Time
American 3101Chicago06:20 AM06:20 AM3On-Time
Delta 3386Detroit06:49 AM06:49 AMOn-Time
American 5710Dallas07:05 AM07:05 AM4On-Time
American 5549Charlotte07:35 AM07:35 AM3On-Time
United 4643Chicago10:30 AM10:30 AM5On-Time
Delta 3315Atlanta11:05 AM11:05 AMOn-Time
American 3006Chicago11:28 AM11:28 AM3On-Time
Delta 3375Detroit12:00 PM12:00 PMOn-Time
American 5419Charlotte12:41 PM12:41 PM3On-Time
Allegiant Air 437Las Vegas01:12 PM01:12 PMOn-Time
United 5467Chicago02:00 PM02:00 PM5On-Time
American 5984Dallas03:20 PM03:20 PM4On-Time
Delta 4984Atlanta04:20 PM04:20 PMOn-Time
Allegiant Air 847Saint Petersburg04:48 PM04:48 PMOn-Time
American 2931Chicago06:10 PM06:10 PM3On-Time
United 5948Chicago07:07 PM07:07 PM5On-Time
Allegiant Air 105Mesa07:40 PM07:40 PMOn-Time