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United Airlines 4683Chicago10:00 AM10:00 AMOn-Time
American Airlines 3006Chicago10:59 AM10:59 AM3On-Time
United Airlines 5914Chicago01:11 PM01:11 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 2931Chicago05:41 PM05:41 PM3On-Time
United Airlines 4792Chicago06:27 PM06:27 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 3096Chicago09:03 PM09:03 PM3On-Time
United Airlines 4743Chicago10:00 PM10:00 PMOn-Time
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United 4784Chicago05:00 AM05:00 AMOn-Time
American 3101Chicago06:20 AM06:20 AM3On-Time
United 4676Chicago10:35 AM10:35 AMOn-Time
American 3006Chicago11:28 AM11:28 AM3On-Time
United 5942Chicago01:41 PM01:41 PMOn-Time
American 2931Chicago06:08 PM06:08 PM3On-Time
United 4760Chicago06:57 PM06:57 PMOn-Time