Additional lane reductions at Peoria International Airport

PEORIA, IL -- Starting Monday, outgoing traffic from the Gen. Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport will be reduced to one lane, possibly through late November.

Traffic exiting the airport will be restricted to the left lane as construction crews will be using the right lane. A section of the entrance road into the airport is already reduced to one lane and will remain so. A map detailing the lane reductions is included.



Signs and barricades will direct traffic.

Construction started last summer to replace some of the oldest pavement at the airport and continues this construction season.

"We want our travelers to be aware of these changes in advance so they're not surprised, but this shouldn't disrupt their travel in any way," said Director of Airports Gene Olson. "We've had the entrance road reduced to one lane since April without any issues. Still, with the busy summer travel season ahead, our passengers might want to set aside a few more minutes travel time."

Construction to replace concrete from gate 5 east to Byerly Aviation is estimated to cost approximately $9 million once completed, with 90 percent of the funding coming from federal airline ticket user fees. The state of Illinois and the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria will each cover 5 percent.
















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