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PIA Breaks Third Straight Monthly Passenger Record

Peoria, IL — For the third straight month, The General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport has established a new record for the number of passengers departing and arriving at the facility during a one-month period.

The airline passenger count for September 2012 was 47,026, including both those arriving and departing. This monthly total breaks a record that has stood since 1978 by over seven percent. August was also a record month with 52,341 total passengers. That broke the previous record for August, which was also from 1978, by a little over one percent.

“September follows July and August as record breaking months,” said Gene Olson, Director of Airports. “And the record breaking quarter is setting the trend for a really good year overall”. Olson indicated that passenger counts started increasing rapidly in January and February, and have been near-records all year.

“Business travelers have been returning to the market, passengers are excited about the Punta Gorda/Fort Myers flights, and access to Atlanta are all contributing to the record setting pace”, Olson said. The 10 destinations available directly from PIA, free parking, and convenient service have been helping draw passengers to PIA. With a mix of international business hubs and popular vacation destinations, PIA connects people to where they want and need to go.

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