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Northwest and United Slash Peoria Ticket Prices

Following recent price cuts by American Airlines and TWA, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines have followed suit, cutting Peoria ticket prices by as much as 77% to many destinations.

The Greater Peoria Airport Authority was scheduled to meet with Northwest and United, but the airlines proactively reduced their fares.

Airfares to Northwest destinations—including Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, and Minneapolis—were significantly reduced, and United Airlines' roundtrip flight to Dallas dropped to $145.

Moving Forward
These price breaks come after previous weeks' announcements of free parking and faster baggage claim, in addition to TWA and American Airlines fare reductions.

"All of these changes are indicative of the kind of airport operation we're striving to become," says Fred Traub, director of operations at the airport. "We've worked hard to improve the fares and service out of Peoria, and now we hope the community will support our efforts."