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95% of Parking Facilities Reinstated at GPRA

Peoria, Illinois - Federal Aviation Administration approves the usage of 95% of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport's parking lot facilities. Parking privileges in the main parking lot facility and lower level drive metered parking is now available to central Illinois travelers, while restrictions are still enforce with "no" parking privileges on the upper drive.

According to Interim Director Mary DeVries, "it's been so busy at GPRA, and we are certain that central Illinois travelers will be more than appreciateive of this recent development in reinstating a large portion of our parking. As airport statistics show PIA ridership is up 3.37% for the year, and our parking lot facillities certainly reflect a high volume of traffic for the coming months."

One thing is for certain, central Illinois travelers have regained confidence in the air travel industry, in GPRA, and in supporting their country!