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SHUTTLE SERVICE From Parking Lot to Terminal Building

Peoria, Illinois - The Airport Authority is excited to announce that it offers free shuttle service to patrons utilizing the parking lot facilities at the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. The shuttle service will operate Monday-Sunday 4:30 a.m.-12:30 a.m. picking up passengers in the parking lot facilities and delivering the passengers to the Terminal Building, and taking passengers to their vehicles upon their retun to Peoria.

Iterim Director Mary DeVries stated, "we've heard from a lot of passengers utilizing GPRA, and one thing they've requested the Authority take into consideration is the need for shuttle service from the parking lot facilities to the Terminal Building. Peoria's ridership has seen a significant increase since 9-11, and with improved air service, great fares, free parking, and the initiation of Delta Connection/ASA service, the Authority made improvements by expanding the lot a total of 1,550 parking spaces, and with the installation of new lighted lot location signage-and now Free Shuttle Service.

A survey will be conducted to determine the peak hours of ridership, and could be suject to change.

It you are interested in seeing the shuttle service up close, possibly getting remarks from the passengers, please contact Rick Allinder at (309) 697-8272 and he'll arrange a time to meet you and take a ride for yourselves.