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American Connection Reports a 99% Completion Factor in Peoria for September 2002

Saint Louis, MO - Trans States Airlines/American Connection reported a 99% flight completion factor for all flights operating between Peoria and St. Louis for September 2002. AmericanConnection is pleased to report that from the first arrival/departing flights to the last arrival/departing flights AmericanConnection statistics show a 99.9% completion factor for all of its enplanning/deplanning flights for Peoria.

According to Chief Operating Officer, Richard A. Leach, "Mild weather, reduced system capacity, and our focus on safety and operational excellence have allowed us to continue this improvement."

The Airport Authority reports, "Central Illinois travelers are pleased with the continued operational performance by AmericanConnection providing service to St. Louis. Along with safety, customer service has become a priority to AmericanConnection in providing reliable service, competitive fares, and a number of destination options."

Trans States Airlines, a large regional airline serving the Midwest and Eastern U.S. employs over 1,200 aviation professionals with service to 39 cities and more than 280 daily flights. Trans States is also the recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration's Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award three years in a row.