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GPRA Moves Forward With Its 100% Check Baggage Initiative

Peoria, Illinois - The Greater Peoria Airport Authorithy is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in moving forward with its 100% check baggage initiative.

Solomon Balraj, Director of Airports states, "Staff, the local TSA federal security director and airlines had worked cooperatively with TSA's design team in arriving upon an agreed upon layout for GPRA."

Based upon GPRA's traffic, the TSA will install a minimum of six (6) EDT stations in front of the ticket counter area, while using efforts to minimize the impact to GPRA's passengers and airline operations. The TSA is facing a December 31, 2002 congressional mandate to have one hundred percent (100%) of check baggage pre-scanned before the baggage is loaded inside an aircraft.

Please be advised, travelers will not see any change at GPRA until both GPAA and TSA make further formal announcements on an implementation date. Baggage checkpoints will be the first checkpoints you will encounter at GPRA as this will be a new process, while security screeners will screen all checked-baggage before it is loaded onto the planes.

The Airport Authority would like to thank Congressman LaHood and his staff for monitoring the TSA process, as it has helped to move Peoria forward in meeting these security mandates in a timely fashion.

We will continue to inform the public as security measures are updated at GPRA, and if you would like in depth detail regarding the TSA operations you may log on to their website at

Thank you for supporting the Greater Peoria Regional Airport.