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Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, here are some travel and security tips that will help make your holiday travel easier and quicker at the airport.

* Arrive 90 minutes before your flight.
* Our baggage dimensions are: Carry On - 9" x 14" x 22" with a 40 pound limit.Check In - 62" linear with a 70 pound limit.
* Don't forget we have FREE parking and FREE shuttle service for your convenience!

Every passenger must go through two stages of screening: baggage checkpoints and passenger checkpoints.

As of January 1, 2003, TSA began screening 100% of checked baggage at all airports. Please be aware that you will not be able to access your "checked-in" bags after they are screened. Do not lock your bags. In Peoria, TSA can unlock and lock your bbags during the screening process; however, at your returning airport, you may not be able to stay with your bags. TSA will cut off your locks if they need to screen inside the bags.

Here are some general tips from TSA:

* Label your laptop with your personal identification information to avoid loss or accidental exchange with other travelers while going through security.
* Leave your bags unlocked before going through baggage checkpoint.
* Do not put film in your checked baggage.
* Avoid packing food and drink items in checked baggage.
* Consider putting personal items in clear plastic bags reducing the possibility that a TSA screener will have to handle them.

When passing through passenger checkpoints and walking through the metal detector:

* Place all carry on baggage and any items you are carrying with you on the belt of the X-ray machine.
* Remove laptop computers from their case and place in one of the bins provided by TSA.
* Remove your outer coat or jacket and place in a bin.
* Pack all metal items, including the contents of your pockets, in your carry-on baggage or place in the provided bin. Examples include: mobile phones, pagers, keys, lighters, and loose coins.
* Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that contain metal. This includes: shoes with steel shanks, tips, heels, or buckles; clothing with metal buttons, tags, snaps, or studs; metal hair barrettes; belt buckles or under-wire brassieres.

If the alarm is set off on the detector, then TSA must conduct a secondary screening. This screening includes a hand-wand inspection in conjunction with a pat-down inspection. If you must go through a secondary screening, the screener will direct you from the metal detector to a screening station. TSA recommends that individuals with a pacemaker, or other device that is likely to alarm the metal detector, bring identification verifying the condition. This identification will assist in expediting the screening process. If you have any other special needs like religious or cultural consideration, disabilities, or medical concerns, please inform your screener.

In addition, our gift shop, Up, Up & Away, will mail confiscated items back to your personal residence. The airport will pay up to $5.00 for shipping.

TSA's primary goal is to treat all passengers with courtesy, dignity, and respect during the security screening process. Please remember that they are there to ensure the safety of every passenger.

If you have any questions or concerns about the security processes please call the TSA Contact Center toll-free at 1-866-289-9673. You may also visit their website at for more information. The TSA website provides additional information including items that are permitted and prohibited to take on a plane.

Everyone needs to play an active role in contributing to air travel security. Together, airlines, airports, travel agents, government officials, and the public can make air travel safe, secure, and efficient.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip during your upcoming holiday season!