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2005 Primary Airport of the Year

PIA was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics

The Greater Peoria Regional Airport (“GPRA”) has become a gateway to the world for Central Illinois travelers. In 2004, the GPRA saw a 24% (over 83,000 passengers) increase in total passenger travel. Peoria is offering their customers convenience and affordable air service consisting of over 23 departures with over 1,000 seats each day from Central Illinois to the rest of the world.

In 2004, with a strong public-private partnership, the Greater Peoria Airport Authority (“GPAA”) worked hard for its customers and community by obtaining new non-stop service to Las Vegas with Allegiant Air and Dallas-Fort Worth with American Eagle. In addition to the new air service, GPAA worked with the Illinois Division of Aeronautics (“IDA”) and the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) in implementing significant capital improvements to provide hassle free and safe travel.

From IDA’s State and Local program, there was $4.4 million investments in a new 2,100 parking lot with new lighting, security cameras and heated bus shelters. GPAA made over $800,000 improvements to its security system with new digital camera system and a common card system for all of its perimeter gates and SIDA doors. GPAA launched a $1.3 million electrical upgrade for its terminal and concourse facilities. In addition, runway improvements in 2004 added 600' of usable runway pavement to Peoria’s airfield.

In 2005, Peoria is already working on some additional customer service projects like new flight information display monitors and paging systems newly renovated Hangar Too Restaurant offering a variety of food, beverages and first class service and an all jet bridge facility whereby our customers will enplane and deplane the jet aircrafts via bridges — no more bad weather conditions for travelers out of Peoria!

The GPAA Board of Commissioners, staff and employees wish to thank Central Illinois travelers for continuing to fly PEORIA, and providing input that helps us to achieve our goals in maintaining one of the finest Airports in downstate Illinois.