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The Greater Peoria Regional Airport Summer Travel Tips

We are expecting a very busy travel season. We want you to have fun and have an enjoyable travel experience out of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. Your key to success is good planning and preparation.

  • ARRIVE EARLY. We highly recommend arriving at the Greater Peoria Regional Airport at least one hour prior to your departure. You can park free in our new lot; however, since it is a busy travel time, you may need additional time to find a vacant parking spot in the parking lot, so allow yourself enough travel time as the airlines operate a strict schedule and will not allow late passengers to board.

    All carriers operating out of Peoria require you to have your boarding pass and your luggage checked in 30 minutes prior to departure. Following check in please immediately proceed to the security checkpoint. Airlines require you to be at their gates 10 minutes prior to departure. It all starts with you giving yourself plenty of time by arriving at least one hour prior to your departure at the airport. With one hour before your scheduled departure time, you can relax and enjoy your time at the airport.

  • USE TECHNOLOGY. Visit your air carrier’s website to confirm flight times and print boarding passes before heading to the airport. This is a significant time-saver, especially when traveling with a group. Please remember if you are checking in luggage you still must go to the airline ticket counter 30 minutes prior to departure to to check in your luggage.
  • BE PREPARED FOR SECURITY REVIEWS. Today’s airport fashion means wearing slip on shoes or sandals that are easy to remove. Avoid large belt buckles, high-heeled shoes, and jewelry or accessories that might cause the metal detector to sound the alarm. Also, do not pack any items in your carry on such as, knives, sharp nail files or letter openers, scissors or corkscrews. Pack these items in your check in luggage. Also, remember your checked luggage will be screened and possibly opened. Use clear zip lock bags where appropriate and do not over pack your bags as they must be closed after security has reviewed.
  • BRING PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. Do not leave home without your government issued identification. A valid driver’s license or state identification is required for all domestic flights and a passport is necessary for international travel. Keep this handy throughout the airport, as you may be asked to show it again at the boarding gate.
  • MEAL TO GO. If you are hungry, or plan to be in the coming hours of travel, get something to eat before boarding the aircraft. Many airlines have no food service, but permit travelers to bring meals on the flight. Get to our airport early and enjoy a nice hot meal.
Don’t get left behind. Get to the airport early and enjoy your trip.

Contact: DeVries, Director of Administration
phone: (309) 697-8272