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Something New and Exciting at the Airport

(PEORIA, Ill.) — On July 7th, the Greater Peoria Regional Airport launched its new flight information display system ("FIDS"). The system provides real time flight data to anyone using or visiting the Airport. Airport 20/20 designed the new system, and the system was installed by a local Peoria firm, Oberlander Electric and Talgentra Ltd., which is a global software company with offices located throughout the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The new system is automated with an FAA flight data feed, which provides live airline flight status updates every five minutes. In addition, the system displays baggage belt information for each airline and gate information with real time flight boarding and departure information. In all, the FIDS system includes sixteen 42" LCD monitors and eight 32" LCD displays strategically placed throughout the Terminal to assist the traveling public.

You can also obtain this same flight information online by clicking on the arrivals and departures links to see a display of all flights and check the status of your individual flight.

We are committed to providing the best air service and airport experience in downstate Illinois to you, our customers. Please continue to support us by using the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. Your strong and continued support makes possible these improvements.

Mary DeVries, Director of Business & Administration
phone: 309-697-8272