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Holiday Travel Made Easy

Peoria, IL — The Holiday season is upon us and more travelers are utilizing the Greater Peoria Regional Airport (“GPRA”). We have launched a new Flight Information Display System (“FIDS”) to provide real-time flight data to travelers and visitors.

Live flight boarding and departure information, as well as baggage belt information, are displayed on 42 monitors located throughout the Terminal Building. The flight information is updated every five minutes from an FAA flight data feed.

This is a huge enhancement feature to GPRA’s technology, along with its connection to the Airport’s website at, where visitors can obtain current flight information at any time. Just click on the Arrivals and Departures links to see a display of all flights and check the status of your individual flight.

The Airport Authority thanks everyone for continued support of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. We look forward to providing added services to make your travel easy!

Mary DeVries, Interim Director of Airports
phone: (309) 697-8272