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Holiday Travel Tips

Peoria, IL — The Holiday Season is upon us, and the Airport Authority expects high volumes of traffic in and out of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. To help you better prepare for your trip, here is a check list you can use to make your travel easy.

Greater Peoria Regional Airport Travel Tips:

  • The standard rule is to allow yourself enough travel time to be at the airport at least 1 hour before your aircraft is due to depart.
  • Parking is free in the main parking lot facility. Please park appropriately. Anyone leaving their vehicle for more than three weeks should contact Airport Police at (309) 697-5262 and provide your name, make/model and license plate of the vehicle to be parked long-term in the main parking lot facility. In addition, we offer free shuttle service to/from the parking lot to the Terminal Building.
  • The parking meters located on the upper/lower level drives are fed meters for dropping off and picking up of passengers only.
  • Please remember that no unattended vehicles are allowed at any time on the upper/lower level drives, unless at a fed meter.
  • Remember to put identification tags in and on all baggage including laptops.
  • Have proper identification ready for check in at the airline ticket counters.

In addition, the Transportation Security Administration also provides helpful travel tips on its website at To help those who do not have access to the website, here are a few of the more important tips.

Transportation Security Administration Travel Tips:

  • Have important travel documents out, coats and jackets off, and carry-on items ready for inspection prior to reaching the security checkpoints.
  • Passengers should double check the contents of their pockets and bags, particularly carry-on luggage, to ensure no prohibited items were inadvertently packed.
  • If TSA security officers need to open a locked bag for inspection, they may have to break the lock. If you choose to lock your bag, we recommend using a TSA-approved lock.
  • Travel with unwrapped gifts. If a wrapped gift sets off an alarm, TSA security officers will need to unwrap the gift to resolve the alarm.
  • To minimize the risk of damage or loss, don’t pack fragile or valuable items in checked baggage. Take them with you in carry-on baggage, or ship them to your destination instead.
  • Put undeveloped film in carry-on baggage because equipment used to screen checked baggage will damage film. Also, high-speed and specialty film should not be put through X-ray machines, so passengers may ask security officers at the checkpoint to physically inspect film.
  • Passengers selected for additional screening have the right to request it be done in a private location.

We hope that your travel experience this Holiday Season is an exciting one, and by following these tips, you can be assured that it will be a success!

Mary DeVries, Interim Director of Airports
phone: (309) 697-8272