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Passengers Appreciate New Passenger Boarding Bridges

Peoria, IL — On a day like today with snow, sleet and rain, central Illinois travelers are extremely happy to learn that they were the first passengers of Allegiant Air, American, Delta and United to utilize the new Passenger Boarding Bridges, which are capable of accommodating up to B-757 aircraft.

The new bridges, manufactured by Jetway Systems, will provide new covered boarding for passengers. Each bridge will also come equipped with a Jetway "Baggage Buddy" elevator to permit fast and easy gate check of baggage as passengers step onto the bridge. Passengers will place their gate check bag on a cart to their right when entering the bridge. Ramp agents will use the elevator system to lower the cart to the ramp where they will take the cart directly to the aircraft for stowing these bags in the cargo bin. Upon return, the bags will be placed on the cart and raised to the bridge tunnel where passengers can easily retrieve their gate check bags before entering the concourse.

According to Interim Director, Mary DeVries, "the passengers this morning were quite surprised when they learned they were not going to have to board the aircraft via the ramp in this cold weather. The new bridges are all state of the art equipment and will make traveling more efficient and hassle free." As we move into the Holiday Season, if you require flight information please feel free to look at the Airport’s website at Just click on the arrivals and departures links to see a display of all flights and check the status of your individual flight.

Your strong and continued support makes possible these improvements.

Mary DeVries, Interim Director of Airports
phone: (309) 697-8272