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No Tricks - Early Treat for Peoria Compliments of United Airlines

Peoria, IL July 26, 2006 – United Airlines will add a fifth daily round trip flight from the Greater Peoria Regional Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport beginning (Halloween) October 31, 2006. The new flight will give passengers better connections worldwide through O’Hare, including China and Japan. The new flight will be operated by United Airlines’ regional partner SkyWest Airlines using the 50-passenger Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ). “We are pleased to see United recognize the need for additional seats in the Peoria market. The additional seat capacity will allow United to grow side-by-side with the community,” said Ken Spirito, Director of Airports.

United Airlines’ expanded Peoria service will increase the number of departing seats available for sale from 200 seats to 250 seats.

The new flight between Peoria and Chicago is available for sale today. The new schedule between Peoria and Chicago is as follows:

From Peoria (Effective October 31, 2006)

Flight  Departs  Arrives  Equipment  Frequency
6892  6:08 am  7:00 am  CRJ  Daily
6876  9:24 am  10:24 am  CRJ  Daily
6908  11:30 am  12:30 pm  CRJ  Daily
6912  2:50 pm  3:50 pm  CRJ  Daily
6960  6:00 pm  7:02 pm  CRJ  Daily

From Chicago (Effective October 31, 2006)

Flight  Departs  Arrives  Equipment  Frequency
6785  8:00 am  8:56 am  CRJ  Daily
6833  10:05 am  10:55 am  CRJ  Daily
6891  1:30 pm  2:25 pm  CRJ  Daily
6911  4:45 pm  5:40 pm  CRJ  Daily
6967  8:55 pm  9:49 pm  CRJ  Daily

Ken Spirito, A.A.E.
Director of Airports
Greater Peoria Airport Authority
phone: (309) 697-8272 ext 123

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