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American Airlines 3322Chicago09:50 AM09:50 AM6On-Time
United Airlines 6109Chicago10:33 AM10:33 AMOn-Time
United Airlines 3373Chicago03:05 PM03:05 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 3090Chicago05:55 PM05:55 PM6On-Time
United Airlines 6417Chicago06:45 PM06:45 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 3402Chicago09:40 PM09:40 PMOn-Time
United Airlines 5029Chicago10:18 PM10:18 PMOn-Time
Schedules Updated 3 minutes agoRead Terms of Use
American 3322Chicago10:15 AM10:15 AM6On-Time
United 3838Chicago11:03 AM11:03 AMOn-Time
United 5022Chicago03:35 PM03:35 PMOn-Time
American 3090Chicago06:20 PM06:20 PM6On-Time
United 5201Chicago07:33 PM07:33 PMOn-Time