PIA Sees Busiest Month In Airport History

Peoria, IL—July saw two new records for the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport: busiest July ever and busiest month ever in the airport’s history.

Previously, March held the record for the busiest month—a peak consistent with spring break travel—but 61,156 passengers traveled through Peoria’s airport in July, breaking the March record by 406 passengers.

“March was a record month, then we saw June make gains over 2014 numbers, but July has exceeded all expectations,” said Gene Olson, Director of Airports. “Several of our destinations, particularly Atlanta and Phoenix/Mesa, were very popular. Our airlines are seeing that Peoria is a consistently strong market so they are adding seats and, obviously, we’re filling them.” Olson added this surge likely indicates that the leisure traveler is comfortable with the economy again.

“We’re seeing record passengers yet our parking lot still has space so that tells us that we have more families traveling,” said Olson. July 2015 figures show travel to Atlanta on Delta up nearly 58 percent from last year and travel to Phoenix/Mesa on Allegiant up over 50 percent from 2014.

For three years running, the Airport has set passenger records. Olson noted that if trends continue, 2015 is on track to set another record.

“We will continue to diligently provide everything our travelers want and need: competitive fares, stress-free check-ins, free parking and, of course, great destinations that connect you to the world,” said Olson. “We’re grateful that central Illinois so often chooses us as their preferred airport.”

Meanwhile, construction is proceeding on the addition to the terminal that will allow for continued growth of the Airport’s domestic service, as well as allow for airlines to introduce international travel.


Chart 2015 Year To Date Passengers

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