Airport Comment Regarding Caterpillar, Inc. Headquarters Announcement

PEORIA, IL -- "The news today of Caterpillar's planned headquarters move to Chicago is disappointing for our entire community to be sure," said Director of Airports Gene Olson. "That said, we are encouraged that the vast majority of Caterpillar employees will not be relocated and that, as CEO Jim Umpleby notes, Peoria will still be Caterpillar's hometown."

"Cat's press release indicated that the number of employees relocating to Chicago is anticipated to be around 300. The vast majority of the 12,000 locally based employees will remain in Central Illinois. It is important to note that we have daily nonstop flights to four of the five most connected airports in the world."

"In addition, during a period of historic downturn for Caterpillar, we have managed to grow our passenger count and increase the number of direct flight destinations, which shows there is a lot more going on in Peoria and Central Illinois than just Caterpillar."





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