PIA sets fourth annual passenger record

PEORIA, IL -- The General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport (PIA) hosted 641,477 passengers in 2015, setting a new record for the fourth year in a row.

Though the number of passengers was strong throughout the year, March, June and July were record months, with July being the busiest month in airport history.

"We're thrilled that we've made gains every year, particularly this year given some of the economic news of late," said Director of Airports Gene Olson. "Everyone here -- airport staff, board members, airline crew -- we're all working together to make our passengers' travel experience the best it can be."

Olson added that 2016 is already on track to make history with the opening of a terminal building addition this spring.

"Initially, we will need this additional space to satisfy current flights so our airlines aren't forced to double up on gates," Olson said. "Eventually, we hope to add flights to Mexico or the Caribbean. To make that happen, we need additional U.S. Customs Agents -- something airports nationwide are clamoring for. We see this as a long-term goal."

PIA currently hosts flights to 11 non-stop destinations on four airlines: Allegiant, American, Delta and United.




  • For information, contact:
  • Gene Olson, Director of Airports
  • Phone: 309-697-8272
  • Email: golson@flypia.com

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