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Allegiant Air 846Saint Petersburg02:29 PM03:28 PM10Arrived 02:29 PM
Allegiant Air 710Orlando05:11 PM05:41 PM10Estimated 05:41 PM
American Airlines 3013Chicago05:46 PM05:46 PMOn-Time
Delta Air Lines 4974Detroit08:54 PM08:54 PM12AOn-Time
American Airlines 5441Charlotte09:03 PM09:03 PM3On-Time
Delta Air Lines 4750Atlanta09:23 PM09:23 PM14On-Time
Delta Air Lines 4597Minneapolis10:02 PM10:02 PM12BOn-Time
United Airlines 4065Chicago10:05 PM10:05 PMOn-Time
American Airlines 5744Dallas10:38 PM10:38 PM4On-Time
Schedules Updated 2 minutes agoRead Terms of Use
Allegiant Air 847Saint Petersburg03:14 PM03:56 PM10Departing 03:56 PM
American 5743Dallas03:15 PM03:28 PM4Departed 03:28 PM
Allegiant Air 711Orlando05:56 PM06:16 PM10Departing 06:16 PM